Pasture-raised Pork

Bela in her forest nest

Our pigs are born and raised here on the farm and are hybrids of Gloucester Old Spot X Berkshire X Duroc. 

Our summer pigs are born in the spring and stay with their mothers for 10 weeks. Once they are around 10 weeks they move out to a big pen of their own to be trained to electric fencing and then out to the pasture. They eat native plants, fruits, vegetable and breads from nearby supermarkets and restaurants and local Wirtes' grain. These pigs spend all day basking in the sun and rolling in the mud; they produce a lean meat with delicious color and deep flavor.

Our winter pigs (if we have them) are born in the late fall and have a thicker fat layer for our lard and sausage customers.

We have all cuts available most of the time. We sometimes run a little short of bacon and sweet italian sausage links as these are our most popular cuts. We have expanded our sow herd to try and make sure that we have a continuous supply. We do take special orders, but please call with plenty of time and be flexible since we only slaughter a few times a year. 

We do sell a limited number of feeder piglets in the spring/summer. We raise them to 8-10 weeks and they are used to being around people. Please call 413-684-0444 early in March to reserve piglets and to get a current price. Expect to pay a 10% deposit and pick up promptly when they are ready.

We are often asked to fill an order for whole pig roast. We are a small operation which only has two to four sows giving birth twice a year at most, so all our hogs are going to be about the same size and most of the time they won't be the right size for a roast (either too small or too big). We recommend that you call Hilltown Pork in NY as they have an easier time finding the right sized hog for your event.