Maple Syrup

Holiday Brook Farm has a long history of making maple syrup. There are two sugarhouses on the farm and many of the sugar maples that line the road or the brook have long healed scars from tapping. Today, our maple syrup comes from sap harvested from our sugarbush on Day Mountain, in Dalton. We bring it back to the sugarhouse in the farmyard and boil it using our wood-fired evaporator until the sugars concentrate into the various grades of maple syrup. The first big runs of early spring produce the light colored delicate flavored "Golden" syrup (known by the old grading system as "light" or "medium" amber). As the trees and the sap warm up rich "Amber" syrup ("dark" amber) is drawn from the evaporator. The natural conversion of the sugars in the sap continues later in the season and the now very popular robust "Dark" and "Very Dark" (formerly "grade B and C") syrup is made. Check out our photo-montage of boiling to see the whole process from start to finish.

maple grading sample jars

We are happy to ship syrup anywhere in the country and beyond. We have even shipped some to an ex-pat from Dalton who lives in Australia. We will warn you though--shipping is expensive because syrup is heavy-- so be prepared.