For those history buffs who are interested in local folklore, land use and family connections

As a New England farm, the landscape is rich in history just by its very location and that the farm has been owned for generations by a prominent New England family actually makes it easier to find written information about it. Crane & Company is a well known paper company, one of the last family-owned paper mills in the country and the history of Dalton, Crane & Co and Holiday Brook Farm are enmeshed. We have three essays/memoirs written and recounted by local individuals who have a connection to this place and give you a sense of the timeline and rich history that surround this farm and the individuals who owned and worked it. Holiday Brook Farm was originally part of Flintstone Farm, a 3000+ acre farm that was amassed by Fred Crane, Sr at the turn of the 20th century.

Memories of Flintstone Farm, by Mary Johnson Hibbard

  • This account is a personal memoir of Mary's from her teenage years working with her cousin Rosemary on the farm, circa 1914 and our personal favorite - truly great information about the farm and its goings on at the before & during WW1

 We have selections here from P.H. White: A Course in Time

  • The Native American Tale of Wahconah

    The tale of Wahconah the Indian maiden tells of two young braves, Yonnongah and Nessacus, and their rivalry to determine whose squaw she would be.

  •  Other Selections including history of land ownership & usage (coming soon)