Great Things To Do Nearby

Activities that require a little driving (or ambitious biking) to do

For our guests staying in the farmhouse~ we've compiled a list of easy and fun activities nearby so that when the sun is beating down, the rain is pouring, and the goat has been milked there are other places to visit:

Codes for Venues:

  • $=entry or user fee   
  • LT= longer travel required, ~30-60min   
  • ST=travel required, ~15 mins   
  • R=reservations/tickets needed

Adventure Fun

Berkshire East, Charlemont ($, LT, R)

  • Fun all year long! Ski, snowboarding and tubing in the winter and canopy tours, zip lines and downhill mountain biking in the summer.

Zoar Outdoor, Charlemont ($, LT, R)

  • Whitewater rafting, kayaking, rock climbing and a zipline!
Notchview, Windsor ($, ST)
  • Awesome local cross country skiing, they don't have rentals so contact the farm managers for a list of local ski rentals folks
  • Also beautiful for summer time hiking
Stump Sprouts, Hawley ($, ST)
  • Another great spot for cross country skiing- on top of a mountain- there are stunning views- they do have rentals available.
  • It is a 20 minute drive, but so worth the trip.
Bousquet Mountain, Pittsfield ($, ST, R)
  • Small local spot for all kinds of winter sports including downhill skiing, snowboarding & snow tubing, including rentals
  • Summertime fun includes an adventure park with water slides, ziplines and more!

Museums & Education

Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield ($, ST)

  • A small museum with a great collection, an aquarium, and their small theaters play host to great live entertainment from live animal demos, to children's theatre to interesting films

The Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown ($, LT)

  • Admission is free from October 11 to May 31

Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge ($, LT)

Live Music, Dance & Theatre

Tanglewood, Lenox ($, ST, R)

Jacob's Pillow Dance Company,Becket ($, ST, R)

Shakespeare & Co, Lenox($, ST, R)

Berkshire Anthenaeum, Pittsfield (ST)

Colonial Theatre, Pittsfield($,ST, R)

Iron Horse, Northampton($, LT, R)

Calvin Theater, Northampton($, LT, R)

Living History

Hancock Shaker Village, Pittsfield($, ST)

  • Fabulous example of an innovative, historic Shaker community. You must pay an entry fee to get in, but it is good for a few days so you can participate in multi-day activities.

Historic Deerfield, Deerfield($, LT)

  • Interested in Early New England colonial history? Deerfield has some of the most well-preserved examples outside of Plymouth. To walk the street is free, but to participate in any of the house tours, programs or to get into the museum costs $.

Farmers' Markets

Even though you can find some great local farm products in our store, a good farmers' market is a fun way to spend the morning!