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Getting ready for Winter

Posted 11/25/2014 12:44pm by Ruth Crane.

Greetings All ~

I hope everyone is ready for the incoming snow tomorrow; I know that many of us have mixed emotions about that!

Our bulk meat packages are selling well and we've had great feedback on them. We are approaching a beef shortage due to difficulties getting appointments with slaughter houses, but we are hoping that this situation will be remedied soon. Fingers crossed. There may be some additional bulk purchasing options coming soon, so I'll keep you posted.

We have a question for you now - who would be interested in Free-Range, Organic (or not, you tell me) chickens next year? If interested, would you want to order Organic for about $5/lb or non-organic for $4/lb, both would still be free-range, hormone/antibiotic free, all natural, etc. The difference between Organic or non is the feed; Organic feed is GMO-free and much more expensive. Please let us know your thoughts.

CHRISTMAS TREES are available as of today -they are $40 each- any size, and they are all very nicely shaped/pretty trees. They came from a tree farm in Worthington and were just cut on Saturday, so they are FRESH. Come visit and feed the animals, take a stroll around and pick out your tree!

All of us at the farm wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!