Black Gold Compost

It'll Turn Your Soil On!

Holiday Brook Farm Compost: It Will Turn Your Soil On!

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Turning Windrows is Breathing for Compost



The Compost site is operated full time during the high demand period of spring and early summer but now that hay season is in full-swing, the site is not continually being manned. Please call ahead to arrange to have your vehicle loaded and we can have someone meet you there.

Drop-off of leaves and yard waste are accepted daily at the site from dawn to dusk. Check out the new signs around the site, they will tell you where to put your compost ingredients - please take all your plastic bags and bins home with you! We take these items free of charge as a service to our community but we have to pay to get rid of garbage, so don't leave that burden on your local farmers. Thanks!

Compost:Locally our screened compost is known as "Black Gold" or "Dicken's Dirt" because this is one of his specialties. According to Dicken's recipe, we mix together animal manures with leaves, a little bit of food waste from our local groceries and a bit of lawn waste from our neighbors.  The mix is piled high to heat up and turned repeatedly to cook thoroughly enough to kill off any weed seeds but not enough to destroy healthy micro-organisms, fungis and bacteria which are essential for good organic matter. The finished compost is sreened to remove any large pieces of wood or stones. What is left looks like the best brownie mix and smells almost as good as chocolate.

Compost is not dirt or even soil. By adding it to your existing gardens, compost brings vital nutrients, fertilizers and microbials along with an organic matter "sponge" that helps soil retain moisture during drought.

It is ready for amending your vegetable or flower garden, to rejuvenate your lawn or make your potted plants the happiest they've ever been. We recommend an initial application of 3 inches for your vegetable garden to give it a boost of healthy microbiology in addition to the benefits of organic matter.

Note: Organic matter is a natural component of any healthy soil. It is comprised of decayed vegetative matter, bacteria, microbials and fungis; the living layer of the soil. It should not be confused with the term "organic" used to reference a process of food production. Our compost is not and can not be certified organic because it is not food. You may use it for certified organic vegetable production; please reference Our Practices.

50/50: We also blend our screened compost 50% with good quality, local topsoil/loam and a little sand to help with drainage. This product is perfect for filling raised vegetable beds, smoothing out rough patches in your lawn or rejuvenating flower beds. Our 50/50 blend is ready for planting.

Pricing & Delivery Information:

Compost: $42/cubic yard*

50/50: $42/cubic yard

Delivery is an additional charge based on how far you are away from the farm. Please call us for a quote. 

*What is a "cubic yard"? A cubic yard is defined as a volume of material within a cube with sides of 1 yard (3 feet, 36 inches, 0.9144 metres) in length. It contains 27 cubic feet.

Building a raised bed? Use this formula to calculate how many yards of our 50/50 mix you will need to fill your bed. Length x Width x Height of bed(all measured in feet)/27= #yards needed

For top dressing and lawns: 1 yard will cover 80 square feet 4 inches deep, or 100 square feet 3 inches deep.